Have Ipod, Will Travel





Grandma Shellie a.k.a Dr. Shellie Fraddin

having fun with Flamenco at her Zumba Gold Fitness Class


“I can’t believe Grandma Shellie’s doing that!” laughs her 3 grandchildren ages 4, 8 and 12.

Yes! It’s true. Grandma Shellie teaches ZUMBA to other Grandmas and Grandpas !!

71yr old Grandma Shellie is a Certified ZUMBA FITNESS Instructor and Certified ZUMBA GOLD Instructor, taught ZUMBA GOLD on Mon and Wed @9:30-10:30am at Abby Bella Dance Studio on Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd in Scottsdale, AZ and Thurs. 11am @ FatCat in Phoenix (in 2008). She’s a petite, size 8, woman with an athletic body, who attributes her agelessness to her exciting career, her lifelong passion for Latin dancing, eating healthy and her passion for life.


Grandma Shellie, Abby Bella’s only ZUMBA GOLD FITNESS Instructor, is also known as Dr. Shellie Gretah Fraddin, Ph.D., LMT, Wellness Coach for Women/AZ & FL Licensed Medical Massage Therapist/Writer/Lecturer and Reiki Practitioner . She’s been in the Holistic Health field for more than 40yrs and continues to expand her skills as new concepts emerge.

She is currently a Volunteer at Baywood Heart Hospital doing REIKI healing for heart patients who are either scheduled for surgery or who who have recently had their surgery. Studies show that those who have REIKI improve at a faster recovery rate.

A recent transplant from Delray Beach, FL, Shellie taught (4)+ ZUMBA GOLD classes a week to seniors 55+ , to those not in a regular exercise program and to those new to ZUMBA FITNESS. Her very exciting and energizing classes often exceeded 50 participants, who always left the class wanting more. Her participants became addicted to the fun, the music and to the feeling of wellbeing they experienced after taking a ZUMBA GOLD class.


One of the projects that was very important to her was volunteering to lead ZUMBA GOLD classes for the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA), South Florida Chapter, at their monthly support group meetings throughout Florida. The Parkinsonians, their caregivers and Shellie always had a wonderful time dancing ZUMBA together. She would always give a short talk before each class on some of the most current research about the DANCING, the best exercise for anyone suffering from a neurological condition.


As a result of her commitment to share the message to the world about the benefits of DANCING, Shellie now lectures throughout AZ on the topic: DANCE AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT and she talks about the benefits of ZUMBA FITNESS. All the activities Shellie weaves into her career empower women to create a life filled with Wellness, Fun and Adventure and ZUMBA GOLD classes fit right into her vision.



Let’s go into some detail about ZUMBA GOLD- it’s a dance-aerobics class using Latin American music and steps from Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha, Cumbia, Calypso, Mambo, Belly Dance and even some Rock and Roll. Advanced ZUMBA FITNESS classes are usually faster-paced, with intricate steps in a choreographed routine. ZUMBA GOLD classes differ from that because they are specifically designed to address the needs of the active older adult, 55+ or the beginner ZUMBA dancer or other special populations with physical limitations, who want to ZUMBA.

ZUMBA GOLD was designed to teach the participant the basic steps of all the dances, improve balance, improve mind/body coordination, increase cardiovascular activity, just to mention some of the benefits, with easy-to-follow instructions that anyone at any age can do, even those requiring chairs or wheelchairs. FEELING THE MUSIC is one of the most important parts of the class. When you feel the music and visualize yourself dancing the steps I show you, whether you are sitting or standing, you’re dancing ZUMBA. ZUMBA GOLD creates a party like atmosphere. It’s fun, different, easy and effective and it’s great for the mind, body and soul.

**Physiological Benefits of dancing ZUMBA GOLD are:

*Improved aerobic cardiovascular endurance

* Improved overall strength,

*Improved bone density/prevention of osteoporosis,

*Preserved, restored, and/or improved flexibility,

*Improved range of motion,

* Improved posture,

*Improved balance and coordination,

*Improved cognitive function,

*Improved motor control and performance,

*Increased caloric expenditure/weight loss,

*Improved ability to perform pain free activities of daily living

Psychological Benefits of dancing ZUMBA GOLD are:

*Enhanced self esteem and general well being,

*Empowered and enhanced quality of life,

*Enhanced relaxation,

* Reduced depression, stress and anxiety

*Increased opportunities for social interaction

*Increased opportunities to dance, party, and have fun.

Goals of ZUMBA GOLD are:

• To improve the quality of life

• To maintain functional skills

• To provide ZUMBA GOLD group exercise/dance classes that are appropriate for the active older, or de-conditioned adult

• To provide choreography that can safely and easily be used

• To provide a fun and enjoyable social environment

• To improve the physical and mental health of each participant

• To teach the students to listen to their body

• To provide easy to learn choreography that will ensure success

• To provide a  workout for the sedentary population.



Contact me to schedule the Lecture, “Dance As if Your Life Depends On It”

for your Club or Organization

or to

Schedule a Zumba Gold Class in your area



11 thoughts on “Have Ipod, Will Travel

  1. I will be visiting with my 22 year old daughter in March. She loves zumba and would love to take some classes in Del Ray when we visit. I didn’t know if zumba gold is for seniors. If so, could you recommend any other classes in the area that are for her age range. I appreciate your help.

    • Hi Beth, Thanks for your interest in Zumba. Zumba is for Seniors and anyone who has never done Zumba before. We have people of all ages participating in the class. I am currently teaching 2 classes/week, Tues and Thurs @ Get Fit Studio, downtown Delray at Executive Quarters, 1060 So. Federal Hwy, Suite #100.
      Please come and dance with us. Email me before you arrive to double check that I am still teaching there. You can also go online @Zumba.com and find out where other classes are being given in Delray for the ‘younger more energetic set’.
      Hope to meet you in March. Shellie

    • Hi Elaine, thank you for your interest in my Zumba Gold class. Sorry to advise you that Zumba Gold DVDs and CDs are available FOR INSTRUCTORS ONLY. They are not available to the public. You can purchase the DVDs and/or CDs on my site and adapt the steps and speed to do at home. Let me know what products you’d like to buy. Blessings, Shellie

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