What They’re Saying….

February 13, 2013-

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, the Day of Love; the day we remember those we love; the day we express our love;  the day we show people how special they are in our lives. Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate, acknowledge and swim in a sea of love and affection, chocolates, red hearts and red ribbons everywhere.  It’s the day we give and receive many blessings. Even if you are living alone, without a significant other or without family living with you, take the time to acknowledge yourself for who you are, remember all your good qualities, acknowledge others for the meaning they bring into your lives.


I am so blessed that I can celebrate Valentine’s Day, every day of the year. When I teach Zumba Gold Fitness classes to Grannies and Gramps in Assisted Living, Independent Living, Senior Centers and Memory Care Facilities, it’s a celebration. I love them and they know it. We laugh, we dance, we shake and we move together. I feel the joy emanating from within them and they can feel mine.It shows on our faces and it shows when we move to the rhythm of the music.

When I’m packing up and ready to leave their facility, one of my rituals is to thank them for coming to my class. They applaud me. They throw me kisses and many will kiss and hug me. One beautiful granny told me today, “I came down just to be in your class. I love when you’re here. You make me so happy. You know I used to dance with my husband? We used to teach dancing. Thank you for reminding me that I can still dance.” Another 94 yr old granny calls me a ‘shanah madel (in yiddish it means a beautiful girl) Her new phrase to me is Shalom, “Zumba Madel”.

I leave each facility with lots of Valentines in my heart. Thank you.

I now live in Delray Beach, FL and teach Chair Zumba Gold classes. Contact me at: 602-708-9018 or email me: drshellie614@gmail.com


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