Zumba Gold Reduces Parkinson’s Symptoms

September 5, 2011

I am committed to making a difference in the lives of those living with PD and I continue to follow up with the latest breakthrough technology in Parkinson’s research, I want to understand the nature and progression of the disease and possible causes for its development. I provide a NATURAL APPROACH to reducing and managing PD symptoms with Diet, Nutrition, Massage and Zumba Gold Fitness Classes.

Parkinson’s or PD,  is a progressive brain disorder that causes a loss of dopamine, the neuro-transmitter in charge of body movements. I learned that people with PD experience four main symptoms: slowness of movement, muscle stiffness, balance problems and tremors. All these symptoms can be reduced with diet and nutrition,  exercise and massage. Zumba Gold Fitness Classes empowers those with PD to integrate mind and body functions with dance steps and dance moves.


I teach Zumba Gold Fitness Classes both seated and standing, depending upon the needs of the group. When I teach seated Zumba Gold, I am seated. When I teach standing Zumba Gold, I am standing.


Studies show that consistent, daily physical activity greatly benefits people with PD and when music is included  to the routine,  another dimension of relaxation and enjoyment is added to the mix.   Zumba Gold Fitness classes is a slower version of regular Zumba Fitness, geared to the beginner and those with physical or emotional limitations.My  Zumba Gold Fitness classes combine the flavor of Latin music with stretching and  rhythmical hips, arms and leg movements.

I have been teaching Zumba Gold Fitness classes to seniors of all ages, from coast to coast, as well as to monthly Parkinson’s support groups throughout South Florida since 2004. That year, I met Sheila, whose husband Sam had Parkinson’s. They both loved music and they loved to dance. The smile on Sam’s face when they danced was a picture I will always remember. Sheila introduced me to APDA, (American Parkinson’s Disease Association) Center Coordinator – Gigi Gilcrease, RN,MBA,  which began my association with APDA.


When Ms.Gilchrist, learned that I was a Health & Wellness Coach, Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor, Author, Nutritionist, Speaker and Licensed Massage Therapist, she asked me to become a regular APDA presenter. I offer programs that stress the natural approach to reducing PD symptoms: massage, reflexology, diet and exercise to the local South Florida chapters. I presented lectures to 3 So. FL chapters of APDA: Lake Worth, Delray Beach and Ft. Lauderdale, about the benefits of massage and reflexology, improving diet and nutrition and the benefits of dance to reduce symptoms of PD  I presented Zumba Gold Fitness classes, Lectures on Diet, Nutrition, Massage and Reflexology.

The response to the Zumba Gold class was a positive one. People were energized and enlivened by the music and the beat; they enjoyed exercising more because the music brought another dimension to the their movements. I was hired to teach Zumba Gold at every support group meeting, to warm up the group before the guest speaker began the presentation.

I’m teaching a Chair Zumba Gold class and I am seated  as well.

I create my own choreography for all my Zumba Gold classes, using the same music as regular Zumba Fitness, but eliminating any complicated steps, increasing repetitions, no jumping and focusing on specific movements that would help reduce PD symptoms. To me,  Zumba Gold Fitness is a ‘moving meditation’. Worry thoughts or fear thoughts disappear when you’re dancing- you’re in the moment and can only think of one thing at a time- dance.


I teach Zumba Gold at the PrimePlus Norfolk Senior Center, Norfolk, VA  as of October 13,2011. I do invite participants to use a chair if they need to and stand if they can.  We are considering a Chair Zumba class as well.

I will begin teaching Zumba Gold for Parkinson’s for the Virginia Beach chapter of APDA, the 1st Wed of the month beginning in December, 2010, for 30 minutes. Call me for more information


call: 602-708-9018 or email: shellieszumbaparty@gmail.com

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