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The Zumba Gold Queen @ AZ Humana Health Fair

June 24, 2008

Yesterday was perhaps one of the most exciting days in my ZUMBA GOLD career.  Humana’s Silver and Fit Program Director Brett Hanson, National Director, Silver & Fit National Director, Natioral Director, Fitness Network Mgmt, American specialty Health Inc located in San Diego, CA invited me to present a ZUMBA GOLD class to approximately 150 seniors at a Health Fair at the Arizona Golf Resort in Mesa, AZ.

The purpose of the Health Fair was to educate seniors about Bone Health and Osteoporosis. Humana provided FREE bone density tests, a healthy FREE luncheon, a slide show and presentation by their Medical Director and I did a mini class and a short lecture about the benefits dancing ZUMBA GOLD: increases bone density, cardiovascular health, releases endorphins called ‘happy hormones’, (you can’t be sad, angry or worried when you dance) burns calories, releases toxins by sweating, keeps joints moving, improves focus and concentration, improves mind/body coordination and shows people that exercise can be FUN, FUN, FUN. DITCH THE WORKOUT!! JOIN THE PARTY! is the catch phrase used by the ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR’S NETWORK.

It was a great experience. I taught the class both seated and standing. Those seniors who wanted to sit for the entire class did so and those who wanted to stand and dance also did that. Everyone was dancing, shaking and moving. The Humana Staff were dancing, the seniors were dancing, everyone was happy and smiling and moving their bodies to the exciting rhythms of of Latin music. Unfortunately we had a time constraint. The class was short and we all danced and laughed salsa and merengue. The energy in the room reached a high during and after the ZUMBA GOLD mini class. On my way out, everyone hugged me or shook my hand or patted me on the back and told me how much fun they had. The Humana staff presented me with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers on my way out and thanked me for coming and for providing them with so much fun. I think I had the best time of all, dancing, watching people’s faces and seeing how music and dancing brings out the joy and aliveness in people.

I am so grateful for every person I meet and for every moment of my life and for all my experiences and lessons. Thank you God for my health, for my success, for my passion to keep on going, for my commitment to changing and growing, for my enthusiasm, for my unwillingness to give up when the going gets rough and tough and for all the opportunities that are yet to come.

If you’d like to schedule a Zumba Gold Class in your facility or at a Senior Event, contact me at:

http://sfraddin.zumba.com  or  http://www.zumbagoldwithgrandmashellie.com