Zumba Fitness Sponsors Parties in Pink

Zumba creator Beto Perez led a Celebrate Life workout in Pittsburgh this past summer. Zumba’s Party in Pink series raises money for breast cancer causes. Eight are planned for Maryland and Virginia.

Zumba creator Beto Perez leads a Celebrate Life workout in Pittsburgh this summer.  Zumba’s Party in Pink series raises money for breast cancer causes. Eight are planned for Maryland and Virginia.

“Alberto Perlman, who founded Zumba Fitness with creator Beto Perez and Alberto Aghion, says his goal was always to make lives better, and he’s thrilled to see the kind of effect his dance moves have had on breast cancer patients, who’ve reported feeling more feminine, happier and healthier with each shimmy. “The objective is not exercise. It’s fun. The result is exercise,” he says. “It makes you feel alive again.”

The Washington Post printed a great article about the benefits of exercise, particularly Zumba Fitness, in Sept. 23, 2010.

“It’s time to recognize doctors’ role as physical activity activists, says oncologist Barry Lembersky, a clinical associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. Twenty years ago, he never would have thought to mention exercise to a patient. Maybe not even five years ago. “But we’re not just chemo or hormonal therapy givers anymore,” he says. “Most women want to know how to take charge again. It’s nice to be able to say, ‘This is what you can do.’

Although he encourages women to pursue any activity to get them moving, from just walking around their neighborhood to joining a dragon boat team through a local rowing club, Lembersky has one program he prefers to promote: Zumba. The Latin-inspired dance craze was a lifesaver — perhaps literally — for one of his patients, who invited him along to classes. Ever since, he has recommended it not only as a way to get heart rates up, but as a way to find camaraderie. “You get this group that becomes a little sorority,” he says.”

Be pro-active and find a Zumba Fitness class in your area and stay healthy and fit, physically, mentally and spiritually.

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  1. Does any reader know roughly how many calories the you burn off in an average zumba dance , of around 5 mins. I am attempting to create a weight loss program centred on Zumba

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